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Educational institutions require flooring that can hold up to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, gymnasiums, bathrooms, and locker rooms all benefit from an epoxy coating system’s ability to confidently provide an easy to clean and highly durable finish that can be customized to your school’s colors and incorporate graphics that shows your school’s spirit.

The only option for performance, hygiene, and representing school spirit that is built to perform!

Epoxy floor coatings are very popular choices for all types of educational institutions for their seamlessness and strength, which translates into a finished floor that helps protect from bacteria growth, very easy to keep clean, and can be designed to be tough enough for whatever abuse you want to constantly put your floor through. These coating systems are extremely durable, waterproof, chemical resistant, with even more functionality possible.


Highly customizable for either an aesthetic concept or to meet a space’s functional needs!

The concept or design of your flooring system plays a role in creating the right atmosphere for students, faculty, and visitors. Bright, contrasting colors generate excitement and enthusiasm while smooth softer colors can be warm and calming. Solid colored epoxy, multiple colored epoxy systems, metallic or reflector epoxy, solid color flakes, multiple colored flakes, quartz sand, and polyester glitter can all be used to create a memorable floor designed to reflect the spirit of your school.

Graphics can even be embedded into the flooring systems where they will be well protected and prepared to last!

Exterior concrete is commonly forgotten about or overlooked, but your parking areas, sidewalks, walkways, common areas, or any outdoor concrete can be transformed into something special that compliments and adds value instead of simply deteriorating and weathering away. All of the flooring systems we offer have the ability to be used outdoor.

Graphics, custom colors, additives, crazy concepts, embedded advertisements, and safety colors will transform overlooked concrete into whatever concept you can imagine, from design to function.

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