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A warm inviting feeling and atmosphere can make a supermarket or grocery store stand out amongst competition. Cleanliness, durability, ongoing maintenance, and aesthetics are of utmost importance when choosing a flooring system for your business. The time spent waxing or polishing is time and resources away from your core business. Epoxy and other fluid applied seamless floor coating systems provide a highly durable and beautiful floor surface that has an extremely low maintenance need.

Waxing and polishing to keep your floor shining is a thing of the past!

In an environment where the spills are inevitable ensuring proper slip resistance is a must for the safety of customers and employees. Fluid applied epoxy and other resinous floor coating systems allow for the integration of various aggregates to provide the proper level of slip resistance, chemical exposure, and durability that the area demands.

Different areas will have their own specific needs!

Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems are fluid-applied and seamless which provides a superior level of cleanliness. Bacteria and microbes are continually being brought into your grocery store or supermarket. They collect and grow in cracks, grout lines, or simply anywhere that will allow them to flourish and cause foul odors and increased pathogens. The answer to this constant problem is to have a resin or epoxy based flooring system with an antimicrobial additive in the high performance top coat. This can be integrated with any of our coating systems and still allows for a surface that is easily and quickly cleaned.

A seamless, fluid applied floor system is the absolute only option!

Many supermarkets and grocery stores are in some form of operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The floors are continually impacted by dollies, hand trucks, fork lifts, heavy foot traffic, and other equipment. A strong durable floor that stays looking beautiful is what the space deserves. The wide variety of solid colors, decorative flakes, custom aggregates allow for your custom concept or design to come to life. Incorporating graphics, multiple colors, and unique designs will allow you to direct the flow of traffic and intuitively inform or instruct customers.

A positive and enjoyable shopping experience starts with the floor!


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