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Fluid applied floor coating systems provide a seamless floor surface that prevent pathogens or odors from ever becoming a problem. With no cracks, grout lines, or seams to hide in the problem that so many establishments face is never an issue with an epoxy or other resinous floor coating system. The design and functionality options are almost limitless with a variety of solid colors, ability to color match, decorative flake blends, concrete staining options, metallic or reflector epoxy systems, urethane mortars, and many aggregates for various needs.

Long-Lasting, Impactful, and Functional Floor Coating Installations for Restaurants

When someone first pulls into the parking lot of your restaurant their experience begins. This experience will either make them feel warm and welcome or cold and unwelcome. The environment the customer interacts with goes a long way into making them feel comfortable and giving them a desire to return. If your concrete or flooring is old, deteriorating, smelly, or has a cheap feeling it will play a large part of the experience your customers will have. The floor coating system you choose will go a long way into letting your customers know the quality and care you take in your restaurant!

Your Flooring Choices Can Drastically Affect Your Customer’s Experience.

Sidewalks and outdoor concrete are often overlooked however they make the first impression on your customers. An epoxy outdoor system with a high level of slip resistance can set yourself business a part from competition and keep your business looking great. The lobby area and main eating area are great places to show off some unique design and integrate the concept of your business into the flooring. Graphics can even be embedded to help manage the flow of foot traffic or to simply inform guests. The kitchen area, bathrooms, and back of the house will require a floor coating system designed for heavy abuse and maximum slip resistance. This is an ideal place to a vertical epoxy wall system installed for easy cleaning by hosing down.

Each area of your restaurant will benefit differently from a floor coating system, but they all collectively will make your business memorable!

A main variable restaurants have to take into account for renovating or upgrading their flooring is downtime.  The true cost for your business is the installation price plus the downtime your business will experience during the installation. We understand this and in order to minimize this additional cost to your business we have been able to come up with many different business practices to offset costs. Some of these practices include fast curing materials, low or zero volatile odor content products, and expert project management focused on efficiency ir our goal.

Our Goal Is To Minimize Your Downtime While Providing Expert Floor Coat Installations!

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