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In high-traffic, high visibility commercial spaces, like retail stores, restaurants or salons, concrete commercial floors are an ideal choice.  Concrete is a superior alternative to wood, vinyl tile, and carpet in most applications. Not only can concrete flooring withstand more abuse than most other flooring materials, they also can be customized to achieve a nearly unlimited array of decorative effects and functionality upgrades.


We understand that not all businesses have the same requirements for their flooring, at Solutions For Floors we have a wide range of solutions for commercial flooring that will meet and likely exceed our client’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a stunning finish for a retail setting or you need a chemical resistant non slip flooring for a large industrial space we can deliver the perfect flooring option for your situation.

Stained Concrete
Chemical Resistant

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Concrete Commercial Floors Outperform The Competition

When compared with residential concrete floors, commercial concrete floors often have much greater demands placed on them in terms of performance, visual appeal and durability. Commercial floors often need high-performance finishes or coatings so they can withstand heavy foot or machine traffic, abrasion, chemicals and stains. They also need to be as easy as possible to maintain. Commercial floors must be slip and skid resistant to avoid injuries to staff and customers. In restaurants, concrete floors must be easy to clean and be able to repel spills, grease and food stains.

Commercial Floors Don’t Have To Be Unsightly

Concrete floors in high-visibility retail stores or restaurants may also require special decorative treatments to attract attention or convey a certain atmosphere. Commercial floors are often colored or patterned to direct the customer’s eye and improve traffic flow. They may also be colored or graphically enhanced to reflect the theme or feature the logo of a restaurant or business. Flake epoxy floor coating systems are a popular choice for decorative flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of their durability and design versatility. The newest trend in commercial concrete floors are Reflector Enhancer or Metallic epoxies, which give concrete floors a dazzling metal-like patina. High-gloss polished concrete floors are also popular in commercial and retail facilities because they reflect overhead lighting and brighten indoor spaces. Other benefits of polished concrete include durability, abrasion resistance and low maintenance.

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